Student Government hosts stress busting activities

Analicia Haynes, Administration Editor

Students gathered in McAfee Gym Monday to relieve their stress by competing in a dodgeball tournament.

Hosted by the Student Government and organized by their internal affairs committee, the dodgeball tournament is part of a weeklong effort to help students unwind before hitting the books to study for finals.

Luke Young, the chair for the internal affairs committee, said as finals approach students grow more and more anxious, causing them to stress out, and they need something to help them calm their nerves.

“It’s fun to come and do something different,” Young said. “Also, you’re here to play against people that maybe you wouldn’t on a normal basis, so it helps students in the Eastern community get to know others.”

Young said participants were exposed to a little bit of comradery and sportsmanship, resulting in an overall good time.

He said the event had a good outcome, even though four out of the five teams showed up.

“I think they played and had a good time,” Young said. “With any dodgeball tournament there were a couple of rule discrepancies, but I think other than that everybody had a really good time.”

Cedric Johnson, a freshman communication studies major and Michael Hollingshed, a freshmen business management major, said they played not only to take a break from preparing for finals, but also to spend time with friends.

“It’s fun to come out and play with friends,” Hollingshed said.

Johnson said his friend invited him to join his team and he went since there is nothing to really do on campus.

While playing, Johnson and Hollingshed said they felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and freedom, and though they came in second they held their own and tried their best.

Although they were able to meet new people, the duo said they hope more activities would take place on campus aside from the ones that always happen during finals week.

Johnson said activities like football, kickball and capture the flag would be fun to host on campus.

“I just wish they announced it and let everybody know instead of just having it on the website because not everybody checks it,” Johnson said.

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