Student Senate votes on fee proposal, speaker of the senate 

Bailey Taylor, Staff Reporter

The Student Senate voted to approve a fee increase for the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union Bond Revenue and Student Health Services.

Lynnette Drake, the interim associate vice president for student affairs, said the fee increase was proposed because of the depopulation of students.

The union has cut 44 percent of its staff and Student Health Services does plan on rehiring, Drake said.

Drake said the Union is losing money and new students will definitely help with the money situation.

Senator Haley Tellier said although increasing fees can be scary; an important aspect to remember is how the results of the increase will benefit students.

Tellier said if raising the fees will help students then it is necessary.

When the Student Senate asked about the money saved from cutting hours and staff at the Union, they were told the Union has saved $200,000.

The cut copy express was also cut by two hours and had barely any business.

However, the Union Bookstore lost some revenue from being closed on Saturdays and Drake said they want to start opening up on Saturdays again.

Drake said the current fee for Student Health Services is $90.90 per semester for students with 9 hours or more or $10.10 per credit hour per semester.

Drake said they want to increase the cap from nine hours to 12 hours resulting in a $30.30 increase in the cost of attendance.

Courtney Sage, the vice president for student affairs, said the fee increase itself was not as much of the problem; the issue was not being informed sooner about it.

Sage said students should be actively involved when it comes to their fees and tuition since they are the ones who benefit from them.

“The process is what really needs to be looked at from here on out,” Sage said.

Sage said the openness would allow for less negativity and confusion as well.

The Student Senate voted to pass the Union Bond Revenue fee increase and the Student Health Services fee increase.

All of the bills that were discussed were passed by the Student Senate.

Senators also elected Tellier as the new student speaker of the senate.


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