UB to host Great Gatsby themed comedy act

Abbey Whittington, Entertainment Editor

The University Board will be hosting a Great Gatsby themed comedy act featuring comedian Raneir Pollard at 7 p.m. Friday in the 7th Street Underground.

Pollard is from Miami, Fla. and, according to his website, as a gay youth in a Baptist Caribbean family, he had to find a way to laugh in the challenging world by using his cynical and naughty sense of humor.

The comedian can currently be seen around Los Angeles, Calif. performing in the area and features in the Showtime comedy special, “Pride Comedy Jam!”

Nia Douglas, the UB comedy coordinator, said she wanted to change up the UB show by having a theme for the event.

“Once I was hired as the new comedy coordinator, I hit the ground running. I wanted to do something different that would catch the student’s attention,” Douglas said. “I went to our storage room to see what types of decorations we had and it hit me when I saw the different props for a photo booth and the martini glasses. I figured why not have something a little more fun and classy than usual.”

After Pollard’s performance, there will be a photo booth set up for attendees, and they will be able to take them with different props and the comedian.

“UB Comedy always tries to keep the comedians that we bring different and diverse. We try to bring comedians that attract people from all types of backgrounds and demographics,” Douglas said. “Raneir Pollard was chosen because he appeals to both African American community and also the LGBTQA, allowing the event to have a more diverse audience, something all students can enjoy.”

Douglas said when the UB decides which comedians will perform at Eastern; the decision is based on what type of humor the comedian has and how they will attract students.

“With every comedian we bring we want them to be better or have a different type of humor to them. The comedians themselves all have different approaches to their craft and different personalities,” Douglas said. “They also attract different groups of people so we always try to play off of that. The fact that this comedian prides himself on being ‘black and gay’ is what really made him stand out.”

There will be giveaways for participants including tickets to the African Student Association fashion show, “Coming to America,” two tickets for the spring concert for students who did not buy one before they sold out and an amazon gift card.

The show will be free and open to everyone.


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