Academy of Lifelong Learning to visit Casey to see towns world records

Abbey Whittington, Entertainment Editor

The Academy of Lifelong Learning will be traveling to Casey from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday to see the small town’s world records, including the largest rocking chair, wind chimes, golf tee and knitting needles.

These records are all confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The wind chime stands at 55 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 16,932 pounds.

The golf tee, which is at the Casey Country Club, is a total weight of 6,659 pounds and the knitting needle is 13 feet long and in front of The Yarn Studio.

Marita Metzke, the project coordinator for the Academy of Lifelong Learning, said the group will be driving around Casey to see the record breaking objects as well as going through a tour, and afterwards they will be having lunch at the Whittling Whimsy Café.

“Casey is a small community in our area that has worked very hard to become a presence along I-70,” Metzke said. “A gentlemen named Jim Bolin had an idea to create the world’s largest wind chime. The sound of this wind chime is deep and rich and takes a special handle to ring them.”

The Academy members and other participants will be given a lesson on the history of Casey and the world records that the small town is home to by Jim Bolin, the vice president of Bolin Enterprises, Inc.

Bolin Enterprises has worked on breaking the records for these largest objects in order to attract more people to the small town.

Bolin is the creator of the wind chime, golf tee and knitting needle and according to Casey’s website, he was inspired to do this by his childhood memories of listening to wind chimes on his grandmother’s porch.

Bolin received help from family members, and with his knowledge of the pipeline maintenance industry he was able to design the large wind chime.

Bolin also worked with Mike Bohannon, Bolin Enterprises Inc. Operations Manager and president of the Casey Country Club.

Metzke said the fees for the trip would have been $10 for members and $14 for non-members to cover transportation, however, seats on the bus are now full.

Anyone else interested in going can call 581-5114 or email the Academy at [email protected] for the location and meeting times.

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