Lincoln, Stevenson, Douglas to host “Mic Madness”

Abbey Whittington, Entertainment Editor

Lincoln, Stevenson and Douglas Hall will be hosting their own talent show, “Mic Madness,” at 7 p.m. on Thursday in the east lobby of Stevenson Hall.

Amy Gebka, a resident assistant for Stevenson Hall, said she was in charge of this month’s event planning committee for Stevenson Hall.

This is not the first time the resident assistants from the three halls have put together a talent show for their residents, according to Gebka. She also said all three residence halls put on their own talent show to celebrate their residents’ community.

“There is a group of R.A.’s and a graduate student who work as a team to think of something fun for residents to do and get involved,” Gebka said. “This is our second year we have done a talent show. It seems to be something the residents like.”

Students who reside in the three halls and are interested in being a part of the talent show can sign up on one of the many sheets placed around Lincoln, Stevenson and Douglas. Gebka also said the talent show is a good way for students to show support not only for their friends but also the entire Eastern community.

“We encourage residents to come and participate in the event by either performing or by coming to watch and support their friends and neighbors,” Gebka said.

Gebka said they have already had a few residents sign up to perform.

“There is no cap on how many people can perform,” Gebka said. “Right now we have about eight people signed up but if someone comes to the talent show and decides then and there that they want to perform, they are more than welcome to. The more the merrier.”

Performances during the show will feature students performing their own talents including singing, playing different musical instruments and dancing. There will also be pizza served to guests during the talent show.

“Mic Madness” will not be a competition between performers; rather, it will serve as a showcase for residents to get together and show off, Gebka said.

“Everyone will be a talented resident. There is not going to be an overall winner,” Gebka said. “The prize is showing off your talent.”

The show will be free for and welcoming to all students even if they are not residents of Lincoln, Stevenson and Douglas.


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