Letter: Find other businesses to support in the area

Jim Laughlin, Charleston Resident

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EIU Students and Staff,

Two adages pertinent to our local scene are that politics makes strange bedfellows and that money talks.

The bedfellows in Charleston are, of course, Gov. Rauner and our present State Rep. Reggie Phillips, who has some successful businesses supported by the citizens of Charleston.

It is distressing that he has chosen to be the governor’s bed-mate, but Mr. Rauner’s money to fund his recent campaign obviously speaks louder to him that the voice of the local citizenry.

As a private citizen, I urge Eastern students to withhold utilizing the services of Mr. Phillips’ enterprises in our city.

Perhaps when the loss of revenue from these approaches Mr. Rauner’s campaign gift, then will Mr. Phillips listen to those he is supposed to represent.

It recently took two votes to override a veto of a funding bill, but Mr. Phillips and eight other publicly educated Republican legislators failed in their duties to act in behalf of university students throughout our state.

Over the next weeks and months, when it’s time to eat out, find a spot other than Dirty’s or the Brickhouse.

When your family comes for a visit or for graduation, seek lodging somewhere other than Unique Hotel.

If your former high school participates in the State meet here, May 26 – 28, call them and ask them to do the same.

And finally, when you are looking for housing next fall, look to other property rental resources.

Make your lack of money to these enterprises speak loudly to Mr. Phillips, and maybe then he will fulfill his duties as our representative.

Jim Laughlin, Charleston resident