Vagina monologues to take the stage over the weekend


Molly Dotson

Angie Hunt, housing program director for HOPE, performs "My Angry Vagina" during "The Vagina Monologues" dress reheasal in Lecture Hall on Thursday. Hunt said she likes this role because it matches her goofy personality.

Molly Dotson, Assistant Photo Editor

Actors will portray survivors of vaginal mutilation, rape and more during the production of “The Vagina Monologues” at 7 p.m. Friday and 2 and 6 p.m. Saturday in the Lecture Hall of the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

The proceeds of this performance will be split between HOPE of East Central Illinois and Sexual Assault Counseling and Information Service, two local organizations that provide victims’ advocacy and services said Women’s Studies Coordinator Jeannie Ludlow.

In past years SACIS’s profits from this performance have gone toward direct services to survivors and prevention education efforts. However, Illinois’s budget impasse has caused the organization to resort to spending the money on basic necessities such as bills.

“We haven’t received any money from the state, so any contributions right now are allowing us to stay open just a little bit longer,” Erin Walters, SACIS’s executive director, said.

The lack of funding is an injustice said Sydney Rohmann, a junior psychology and pre-medicine major, who will be performing “My Vagina was my Village”, which is a portrayal of a rape and vaginal mutilation victim.

Ronman, who is also a resident assistant, said she works closely with SACIS on a regular basis because sexually assaulted residents often come to her and other RAs for assistance.

The production is part of V-Day, which is a global movement founded by Eve Ensler, the author of “The Vagina Monologues”.

V-Day is a catalyst that encourages events to increase awareness, raise money and revive the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations, such as SACIS and HOPE, according to V-Day’s official website.

Angie Hunt, housing program director for HOPE, said the movement and play are important to her as a survivor and advocate.

Hunt has participated in the production since the Women’s Studies Program began hosting it at EIU in 2002.

This will be Hunt’s third time performing “My Angry Vagina”, which she said matches her “naturally goofy” personality.

“I do particularly like this (act) because it’s funny and it addresses issues that women have to deal with all too often,” Hunt said.

Hunt also said thinking about violence against women, the purpose of this play, helps her conjure the anger that is necessary for this part.

Ronman said while she has never personally been a victim, she still finds the reason for the production to be meaningful and worthy of support.

“I don’t even care about people coming to see me, I just want them to support this (cause),” said Ronman.

Ronman said people who would especially benefit from this play are not who many might expect.

“Guys more than anyone can benefit from (the Vagina Monologues) because even if they can’t relate to it, they can gain knowledge from the things that are being said.”

Tickets for this production can be purchased at the Doudna Box Office for $12 for general audience, $7 for seniors and EIU employees and $5 for students.


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