FundEIU to raise awareness at basketball game

Cassie Buchman, Associate News Editor

Those going to the men’s basketball game against Murray State University Thursday night can expect to see FundEIU showing their support.

Members will be there holding signs and raising awareness about the lack of state funding for Eastern.

Kia Smith, a sophomore graphic design major, said they are trying to rally up people to support FundEIU’s cause.

The game will be televised on CBS.

Smith said because the game is televised, it is a great way to get Springfield to hear what they have to say and how they feel about the situation.

They are planning on getting organizations such as the Blue Crew, honors fraternities, cheerleaders and Greek Life to be at the game hold up signs as well.

FundEIU will be giving out t-shirts that were donated to them at the game.

Faith Aguilar, a freshman health studies major, and Smith got involved with FundEIU after being emailed by English professor Michael Kuo.

Smith said she supported the cause of funding Eastern even before Kuo emailed her.

“Eastern’s a great school,” Smith said. “You get this feeling of being at home.”

Smith said she has grown close to the faculty in the art department, which helped her feel at home.

Aguilar said she has been seeing the effects of the budget crisis in social groups, where people have been talking about how worried they are for the school.

Smith said they had a lot more ideas for FundEIU and they are gathering thoughts and getting everything together.

Aguilar said they were wanting to do fundraisers, more pep rallies and even take more buses to Springfield.

Both girls said they were surprised at the attention FundEIU was getting.

Aguilar said she saw a girl share a post on Facebook about a Building Service Worker getting laid off that was then shared by many other people.

Aguilar said posts like these helped to raise awareness, too.

“Everyone’s so nice,” Smith said.

Aguilar said the FundEIU rally was bigger than she expected.

“It was definitely really powerful,” Aguilar said.

Smith said it really showed how much people cared about the school.

“I think it’s definitely opening a lot of student’s eyes, and (making them be like) okay, I really need to be set on helping Eastern be heard,” Smith said.

Aguilar said the more kids who come on Thursday, the bigger the impact will be.

“The group makes me realize there is really a bigger picture,” Aguilar said. “The school, the population, Charleston in general.”

Students can help make signs for the game 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Bridge Lounge.


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