CUPB chair laid off, layoffs and budget to be discussed

Analicia Haynes, Administration Editor

The Council on University Planning and Budgeting will hear responses from President Glassman and the vice presidents regarding the layoffs and budgetary issues at their meeting at 2 p.m. Friday in Room 1895 of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

According to the minutes from the Feb. 16 Faculty Senate meeting, the CUPB chair was one of 177 civil service personnel laid off.

Faculty Senate chair Jemmie Robertson said at their meeting that the layoffs represent an alarming “wake-up call” to the depth of Eastern cuts.

According to the CUPB agenda, Glassman will give a response to the letter sent out by the Higher Learning Commission two weeks ago.

The HLC letter asked higher education institutions to provide emergency plans explaining what the institution will do if it closes down.

The HLC also sent a letter to Gov. Bruce Rauner and the General Assembly urging them to consider the affect the budget crisis has on students and the future of Illinois’ public higher education system, according to a Feb. 5 article in the Chicago Tribune.

Glassman will also give an update on the furloughs and layoffs and on the budget and plans for FY ‘17.

Members of the CUPB asked for an update on admissions, recruitment and spring enrollment.

According to the agenda, each vice presidential area and the president will provide members with information about the effect the layoffs will have on certain areas on campus.


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