CAA approves revisions, invited to attend forum

Analicia Haynes, Administration Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs was invited to attend an enrollment forum on behalf of the Committee for Retention Efforts (CORE), and the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee (EMAC).

The forum, “Telling Our Eastern Story: The Path to Success from Recruitment to Retention and Graduation,” will discuss student populations, using data, ideas for involvement, and aiding in student success at the department and office level.

Marita Gronnvoll, the chair of CAA, said Karla Sanders, the co-chair of CORE, invited members of CAA to attend.

Gronnvoll said the forum takes place on a regular CAA meeting day and it might be impossible to cancel the meeting because it will be a week before the catalog deadline.

“I wanted to take this up with the council to see what you think,” Gronnvoll said. “Is this something we send an ambassador to go and attend and bring back some information, or do we want to risk not having quorum that day?”

Debra Reid, a CAA member, said she would be presenting at the forum.

“We picked the 1:45-2:15 because that’s the only half hour that I would miss only 15 minutes of this (CAA meeting),” Reid said.  “So I can come back.”

Gronnvoll said she wondered if Reid would want to stay at the forum but was worried about not meeting quorum the day of the meeting.

Reid said she didn’t want to miss anything from the presentation and Gronnvoll said Reid could stay if CAA has a quorum the day of the meeting.

The CAA discussed a memo from the interim dean of the college of sciences asking to add a statement to the catalog regarding the provisional admission to the nursing major.

Renee Kidd-Marshall, the director of the nursing program, said when a student is enrolled into the program with full admission they are coded by financial aid in a specific way.

The students who have not been admitted to the nursing program but are a part of a dual-track agreement to enroll in nursing classes at Eastern before completing the associates degree in nursing have to be tracked by financial aid in a different way.

“When they’re in a community college setting taking courses we have to track that,” Kidd-Marshall said. “So we have to distinguish between two different populations.”

Janet said the provision is meant to add language to the catalog to explain what the financial aid office will be doing with the students enrolled in the program and those who are not yet enrolled but are taking classes.

CAA passed the revision to the admission requirements for all options in the Health Studies major.

Misty Rhodes, the chair for the department of health studies, said the rationale for the increased grade point average requirement is a result of finding that students with less than a 2.00 GPA tend to struggle with course work.

“We’re also starting a new health communication program and their minimum standards are a 2.00 GPA, and we would like to be the same across the board since we are an interdisciplinary program,” Rhodes said.

CAA also passed the proposal to revise the major, admission requirements, and core requirements for the Organizational and Professional Development major.

Luke Steinke, the associate professor of the school of technology, said the revisions were a matter of housecleaning that is five years overdue.


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