Furlough days given to administrative and professional employees

Cassie Buchman, Associate News Editor

All Administrative and Professional personnel are going to be subject to furlough days beginning on March 1.

Furlough days mandate the employees to take unpaid days off.

Paul McCann, interim vice president for business affairs, said to figure out how much the furlough days are going to cost, employees can divide their annual pay by 260 days and multiply that by the number of days they are required to take.

Employees will have to take five furlough days in March, four days in April, four days in May and five days in June.

A&P employees include deans, chairs of departments, vice presidents, the president, directors, assistant directors and coaches.

Currently, 155 people are counted in the A&P category, and all will have to take the equivalent of one furlough day per week each month until “further notification or up until June 30,” according to an email from President David Glassman.

For employees who were already required to take a specific number of furlough days, the days will be added until an employee has reached a total of 24 furlough days, which is the maximum.

According to the email, days do not have to be structured as one per week.

An example in the email was that, pending supervisor approval, one could use five days of Spring Break to satisfy furlough days for March.

According to the email, “the administration continues to work on alternative strategies that may allow for reducing the number of layoffs.”

A reduction in A&P furloughs is possible if the university receives an appropriation from the state.


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