Warm weather puts smiles on residents, students faces


Analicia Haynes

Idris (right) kisses Madison Staskiewicz (left) Sunday afternoon in the Library Quad.

Analicia Haynes, Administration Editor

Unusual weather took Eastern by surprise Sunday afternoon, alleviating students’ cabin fever and briefly curing the winter slump.

Whether it was by walking the dog, playing catch or enjoying study time on the Doudna steps, students and community members swarmed the campus, soaking up the warm weather before winter returns from vacation.

Cameron Craig, an Eastern climatologist and geology professor, said the reason why winter is becoming warmer is because of El Nino in the central pacific.

“El Nino is a major global pattern that influences long-term forecasting,” Craig said. “It’s a chain reaction; whatever happens

in the central pacific happens in the Midwest.”

Fawaz Sarumi, a senior psychology major, said the unexpected weather was amazing, and he spent the afternoon walking with his dog, Idris.

“I feel bad that I can’t walk him as much over the winter, but he enjoys this,” Sarumi said.

Sarumi said he and Idris are taking advantage of the warm weather while it lasts, and they typically enjoy longboarding together on warm days.

“I want to enjoy it before things get serious and it makes the week go by easier,” Sarumi said. “It puts me in a better mood.”

Sierra Murray, a junior marketing major, said she loved the weather.

“It’s nice to have, but it is extremely strange,” Murrary said.

Murray was outside on the Doudna steps studying and doing some reflection.

She said she was outside because she does not like being cooped up, and it was peaceful.

“The winter, it just makes me feel restricted, like I have to be inside,” Murray said. “I don’t want to go outside and freeze my butt off.”

Ichiro Ohira, sophomore communication studies major, said the weather could be worse.

“(The weather is) pretty nice, and I’ll take it,” Ohira said.

Ohira spent the afternoon playing catch and getting away from the tension of school with friends Nicholas Tkachok, a freshman physics major, and Anthony Schell, a freshman biology major.

“It’s weird going from negative-degree weather to 60-degree weather,” Schell said.

Craig said the days that lead up to spring will experience a roller coaster effect, meaning that it will be warm one day and cold the next.

Charleston resident Jen Staskiewicz was out walking in the Library Quad with her family.

She said her 7-year-old daughter woke up and saw the sun, making them want to go out and enjoy the weather while they can.

“We haven’t been out here since October, so we thought we’d come on out and check it out a little bit today,” Staskiewicz said.

Staskiewicz’s 10-month-old daughter was enjoying the warmer weather as well.

“When we first got her out, she was grabbing on to the stroller, feeling the wind on her face,” Staskiewickz said.

“Everybody enjoys the warm weather because they don’t have to bundle up.”

Despite the unusual weather, Craig said he believes there will be an early spring.

“I’m looking to see when the daffodils will poke out,” Craig said. “We’ll have to wait to see but enjoy the ride.”


Cassie Buchman contributed to this article.

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