Column: Ignorance is your new best friend

Mace Mackiewicz, Staff Reporter

The earth is not flat. You may think that this phrase is a given but recently the rapper B.o.B went to twitter to exclaim that we’ve all been duped by NASA and the governments of world and that we actually live on a flat planet.

I know past columns I have done have centered around the invalidity of conspiracies such as vaccines and people thinking certain tragedies were made by the government, but the idea that there are people in this world who still believe the earth is flat is completely baffling to me.

We have several photos taken of earth from space. We are almost in a time where venturing into space will be a luxury for the richest of people yet somehow there are still people who think that the world stops at Antarctica.

The most ridiculous thing to come of this is after astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson systematically debunked B.o.B’s assertions on twitter the rapper went ahead and made a song just to rebuke Tyson.

A song that not only asserts the earth is flat but also has a line that says “Stalin was way worse than Hitler” as well as name dropping David Irving a well-known holocaust denier as support for the flat earth.

I personally haven’t heard anything from B.o.B since that song he did with Hayley Williams like 7 years ago, but I certainly didn’t expect this level of ignorance from him. I recently looked at his twitter after what happened with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and the guy also believes we have human clones roaming around.

To be frank, people can have opinions on whatever and that is their choice. But saying the earth is flat isn’t opinion, it’s factually wrong on every level and such a thought should be mocked, or at least many people need to take an astronomy class.

Honestly I hope B.o.B sits down with Tyson so they can hash things out face to face. It’s rare that a conspiracy theorist goes back on their beliefs, but I honestly believe is he had a conversation with an expert he would either change his mind or completely block out all that was being told to him.

I guess at this point I should really learn to ignore this kind of thing but I really can’t. I honestly can’t wrap my mind around the face that there are still people in 2016 who think the earth is flat. I though we got over this centuries if not millennia ago.

Don’t take this article as me thinking the world is getting dumber by the way. It’s just a vocal minority that wants to spread their ignorance.

Mace Mackiewicz is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].