Column: Be thankful for Eastern

Sydney Edwards , Copy Editor

When someone thinks of finals week, they think of stress, studying, slightly crying and going insane. While all of these things about finals week is true, I think of a completion of another great semester.

With everything going on lately with the Illinois budget crisis, we should be thankful to even be able to go to college.

Do you remember hearing all of those rumors saying that Eastern was going to close for the spring semester? Those rumors frightened quite a bit of people on campus.

I mean, Eastern could be the local community college, Lakeland College, and not even choose to pay every student’s MAP and PEL grants for next semester.

Eastern took out loans in order to pay for every student’s MAP and PEL grants for the fall and spring semester. Without Eastern making the step to do that, many students would be more in debt or may not have been able to register for the spring semester.

So, step back and be thankful for the finals you are about to take.

Be thankful that Eastern still has money to pay your professors. Be thankful that Eastern still has money to pay for paper for your exams. Be thankful that Eastern is still able to have and plan for a spring semester.

While you are being thankful for Eastern as a whole, think of the man who runs it all. The Eastern community should be thankful that we have a president who accepted a job at a university that is facing a budget crisis.

Be thankful that we have a president that stood up next to other university presidents and emailed Gov. Rauner in order to express that we need him to step up and make sure that students get a chance to go to college.

Without the guidance of President Glassman this semester, we may not have been able to take our finals this week with confidence in the fact that we will have a spring semester.

Be thankful that Glassman has guided the faculty and staff this semester as well. If he wouldn’t have guided them, then the faculty and staff may not have been able to have the answers to comfort the students.

When you are done being thankful for President Glassman, the beautiful campus of Eastern and for your dreaded finals ahead, be thankful for the Christmas season.

When the stressing is over, the finals are done and the semester is complete, head home and spend time with your family.

You’ve completed a great semester. Stop stressing and have a Merry Christmas.

Sydney Edwards is a freshman marketing major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].