Column: Swear words are distracting

Sean Hastings, Sports Editor

People swear way too much nowadays. I am one of them. If you talk to me you will hear that I will usually drop an F-bomb or two in just one sentence. It’s not like I’m trying to do it. It has pretty much just become a natural thing. I wish I did not swear as much.

But I am not the only one who does this. You have a good chance of walking past some people talking and hear someone say “F this” or “F that” and sometimes it’s kind of funny.

Dropping an F-bomb can really emphasize a part of the story you are trying to tell, but sometimes it makes you sound like a lunatic. Why can’t we just say “really” or “very”and keep it G-rated?

My swearing has gotten so out of hand that it will occasionally slip out when I’m talking to my mom, and I feel pretty bad about that one.

Also, I think swearing kind of takes away from the meaning of what you’re trying to say. That F-bomb is pretty powerful and that becomes the thing that stands out the most.

To paraphrase Bill Burr, if you drop the F-bomb after the thing that you were describing, you might be able to get away with no one catching it. But if that F-bomb comes before the noun, wow, that is going to stand out.

Everyone swears, some more than others, some way more than others and some that you would think those are the only words they know. I think I fall between way more than others and being the only words I know. I have a lot of opinions, and I really like to talk about them.

If you watch a Hawks game with me, I will get pretty mad very often and to express that anger, an F-bomb flies out of my mouth.

The reason why we should swear a little less, not completely eliminate it, because it can be humorous sometimes and it adds some needed effect, but sometimes it can get you in trouble and can make you sound dumb too.

No one wants to be the crazy guy who can’t seem to get a sentence out without swearing. Also, a lot of the times we swear for no reason at all and it makes no sense.

Like saying, “What F’n time is it?” That could easily be said as “what time is it?”

Or something like, “I F’n want to go there.” Like, that makes no sense to say, but we still say it.

Sean Hastings is a sophomore journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].