Eastern makes changes to student account payment options

Elias Albert, Staff Reporter

Eastern students will now be required to pay an additional fee when using their debit or credits cards to make payments on their respective accounts.

These fees will not apply to cash or check payments.

An installment payment plan option will also be available to students who wish to use it for tuition as well as housing and financial aid.

The payment plans will include a $40 initial charge to secure the payment plan.

For students looking to set up a payment plan for the Spring 2016 semester, sign-up will start on Tuesday.

After signing up and paying the initial charge, the first payment will be due on Jan. 15. The three remaining installments will continue to be due at different times throughout the semester.

The new installment option will have no effect on students who chose to pay their account charges in full.

Rancy Burns, a sophomore clinical laboratory science major, said he is torn on the two new payment policies.

He said the credit and debit card usage fees seem inconvenient and the new installment plan may be good for students who seek more options.

“I think charging for just for using a credit or debit card is nonsense,” Burns said. “On the other hand, I think giving students a chance to make payments and budget themselves may be better. Not everyone can pay the whole amount at once.”

Any student looking to find out more about the new payment policies can visit the Cashier’s Office, located in Old Main, or the payment office in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Both offices are open Monday through Friday for most of the class day.


Elias Albert is a junior journalism major and can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].