Column: Therapy dogs help with stress

Mackenzie Freund, City Editor

I think therapy dogs are one of the best things ever. They are cute, playful, cuddly, and they distract us for those much needed study breaks.

It would be an amazing thing if the university could change the rule of pets living on campus so that we can get therapy animals. Yes, people have allergies, but there are different breeds that are hypoallergenic and different animals that we can get.

After seeing all the cats, dogs and tortoise at the Pets on Parade event in the Union, and seeing all of the people that gathered to pet, play with, or hold the animals, it made me start wondering why we don’t have these fun creatures.

Getting a therapy animal for each building on campus may seem a bit far-fetched, but it seems like a good idea. Students would benefit from it because they get breaks from studying. Plus some people may miss the animals they have at home.

Yes, there may be a lot of bills to be paid for taking these animals to the vet, but in the long run I think it would be a good idea to invest in this.

Overall, I think the best thing about getting therapy animals is the point that they can help students relieve stress and maybe even do better on exams like finals.

After all, nobody likes to be stressed, but almost everybody likes animals

Mackenzie Freund is a junior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]