College of Sciences to hold open interview for interim dean

Cassie Buchman, Administration Editor

The four candidates for the next interim dean of the College of Sciences will have open interviews with the faculty and deans of the College of Sciences on Wednesday and Thursday.

The four candidates are Peter Andrews, a professor and department chair of the mathematics and computer science department, chemistry professor Douglas Klarup, Karen Gaines, the biological sciences department chair and professor of biological sciences, and psychology professor Jeffrey Stowell.

Andrews’ open interview will be at 9 a.m. and Klarup’s will be 10 a.m. Wednesday in Room 4440 of Booth Library.

Gaines’ interview with faculty and deans will be at 11 a.m. Thursday in Room 4440 of Booth Library, and Jefferey Stowell’s interview will be at noon Thursday in Room 3202 of Booth Library.

Ryan Hendrickson, the interim dean of the Graduate School, said they are looking for someone to be an interim dean who has leadership experience and who is able to interact with the faculty and chairs across the entire College of Sciences.

“(We want someone) who can have an understanding of all academic disciplines in the college,” Hendrickson said.

He said they not only want a good leader, but a good listener as well.

“Somebody who can lead, but also somebody who is able to listen to the faculty and chairs,” Hendrickson said.

Initially, many people interviewed for the position and a search committee was able to narrow the pool to four people.

“We feel like we have four very good candidates,” Hendrickson said. “The search committee just did our own interviews and it was difficult, but we feel like we picked the four most qualified candidates.”

The committee consisted of three people. These were Angela Anthony, department chair of the communication disorders and sciences department, Daniel Sheeran, a chemistry professor, and Hendrickson.

“We all have roots in the College of Sciences,” Hendrickson said.

Hendrickson was appointed by Blair Lord, the vice president for academic affairs, to lead the committee and people submitted their names for consideration.

Lord then selected who would be members of the committee.

The Office of Academic Affairs will post the candidates’ vitas as soon as possible, according to a letter sent by Hendrickson on Monday.

Along with the faculty, deans and chairs of the College of Sciences, the candidates will also interview with the administration of the college, Lord, and President David Glassman.

Evaluation forms will be available for the interview session and faculty are encouraged to attend the sessions, and give input and feedback as their schedule permits.

Hendrickson said they were hoping to have someone in place to be interim dean by the first of the year.

The interim dean will stay for the rest of the academic year, Hendrickson said.

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