Column: How to find motivation

Cheyenne Fitzgerald, Staff Reporter

Everyone has those days where they simply do not feel like they can get motivated to do much of anything. Personally, I am always struggling to convince myself to get up and go to all of my classes.

Most people have also heard the phrase, “Look good, feel good.” When someone dresses up they tend to feel more motivated to get through their day. I also think that phrase can work for how you view yourself.

Recently I started going to the gym once a day and getting a good sweat in. It has also come to my attention that getting through my day has begun to be rather easy.

Going to the gym takes time out of your day but who can say that they don’t have an hour where they are watching television, an hour on social media or even an hour playing video games. Everyone loves his or her free time, but sometimes the gym can be the best place to spend free time.

After a good workout a lot of people admit that they feel less stressed and those who have gone in angry usually say they left a little more cooled down over the issue.

Adding a short amount of time in the gym to your schedule may also help you get into a routine and push you to get some things done that you wouldn’t have had motivation previously.

Being on a routine that makes time for the gym forces me to get my homework done when I planned to get it done instead of constantly procrastinating by pushing it back “just one more hour.”

It also helps me get better sleep at night because I’m usually tired by the time I am finished with my day. When I’m getting into bed I don’t lay there for hours letting my thoughts get the better of me because I’m simply to tired to just lay there.

Working out doesn’t only benefit your motivation and success in getting things done, but it also makes you feel better about yourself.

In college I truly believe every one battles with self-esteem issues.

There aren’t very many college students who can walk into a room and feel 110 percent comfortable in their own skin. I know for myself since I’ve started working out daily I’ve become more confident when I walk into a room.

Not only do I feel fit, but I simply feel more energetic and social because I’m awake from the workout instead of groggy from a couple hour nap.

I know it’s almost unrealistic to plan on going to the gym every day, and I’m not saying I do that either. Usually I try to go during the week and leave my weekends open for eating out, going out and hanging out.

I am aware that some students have heavy school schedules, while some also work a job and go to school full-time.

Those people may not believe it is possible to squeeze any time into their day for the gym. However, it’s always a great reminder to myself that I have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé and she gets things done.

Cheyenne Fitzgerald is a senior journalism and psychology major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]