City council to vote on energy resolutions

Mackenzie Freund, City Editor

The Charleston City Council will be meeting Tuesday to vote on topics involving the consulting services agreement made with Good Energy, LP, as well as Geographic Information Support Systems.

The City of Charleston entered an agreement with Good Energy, LP, located in New York, N.Y., in July 2015 and then renewed the contract in August.

The city council will be voting on whether or not to approve the renewal of the original contract set up with Good Energy, LP.

This resolution also states that the city manager will be authorized to receive and review bids.

“The council of the City of Charleston finds that the best interests of the city are served by authorizing the city manager to receive and review bids and, in consultation with the city’s consultant Good Energy, LP, accept the bid most beneficial to the city,” the resolution says.

Along with the approval of the contract, the city council will be voting on a resolution to authorize the extension of consulting agreement services with Good Energy, LP.

The agreements set in the contract said first that the agreement should be automatically renewed and “extended for a term equal to that of the term of the electricity supply contract entered into or renewed by the city,” according to the resolution.

The agreements also say the amendment will bind the parties and their successors. The document included in the resolution is included in the agenda packet and constitutes the agreements.

“All other terms, conditions, and provisions of the agreement not in conflict with this amendment shall remain in full force and effect,” the resolution said.

The Geographic Support System Services is a part of the city’s plans for the capital improvement program.

The City of Charleston has a need to update its maps and records of the road, water, and sewer utility systems, as well as beginning preliminary work on a GIS system that includes the police department data and statistics.

The resolution in regards to the GIS system says the system endeavor “can be implemented in a cost effective manner by an agreement with Eastern Illinois University.”

The city council will also be voting on an ordinance to approve the annual tax levy for the next fiscal year.

Along with the tax levy, the city council will also be voting on a resolution to approve the fire and police pension board fund report in regards to the tax levy.

The city council will also be voting on the consent agenda, consisting of the approval of the Nov. 17 meeting minutes, the Dec. 4 bills payable, and the payroll for the pay period ending on Nov. 14.

The city council will be meeting in Charleston City Hall at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.


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