Student Senate to discuss bylaw change, talk forum ideas

Analicia Haynes, Staff Reporter

The Student Senate will be presented with a bylaw change as well as discuss ideas from the “I Am Because We Are” forum at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Tuscola/Arcola Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Maralea Negron, the Student Senate Speaker, said committee chairs have been discussing potential bylaw changes at their Council of Chairs meetings every Tuesday.

However, not all of the information will be presented to the senate if it is not planned out all the way, Negron said.

The bylaw change titled Student Attendance 15-16-03 will be presented by the student internal affairs committee and is authored by Katie St. John, the chairwoman for the committee.

Bylaw change 15-16-03 calls for an amendment and addition to article two, letter B, number five in the Student Senate bylaws, which covers the powers and responsibilities of the student internal affairs committee.

The change plans to eliminate the appointment of a student government webmaster and their responsibilities, which included maintaining the student government website, according to the current bylaw.

The bylaw change said the internal affairs committee itself would maintain all social media sites for student government with information regarding student government and all other activities on campus.

The change wants to add the new senator attendance bylaw in the committee’s procedure for notifying senators of their absences.

The addition of the Student Senate Star program, which lists its purpose and goal at every meeting, will be added to the bylaw as well as the requirement for the committee to host a minimum of one student senate bonding experience.

The change also plans to add the responsibility for the committee to organize and make the “Paper Plate Awards” at the end of each semester.

Ariannah Lambert, the chairwoman for the student university enhancement committee, said the bylaw changes are a way to clean the slate and start fresh.

The bylaw change is required in order to assure that the senate is running smoothly and the responsibilities of the chairperson for the committee are clearly outlined according to the rationale for the bylaw change.

The student internal affairs committee will present these changes and the Student Senate will go into a period of question before voting on the changes next week.

JaLisa Smith, the chairwoman for the student diversity affairs community will give senators a report on the “I Am Because We Are” forum she attended last week, which documented issues regarding racial tensions and raise awareness to race culture.

Smith will share ideas that were presented to her at the forum, Negron said.

The Student Senate Business Affairs Committee will also discuss their outreach initiative for the student body to inform them on the budget impasse and the ways they can get involved, Negron said.

The Student Senate also plans to approve Cause for Paws as a Registered Student Organizations at Wednesday’s meeting.


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