Column: Avoid stress, do work over break

Mackenzie Freund, City Editor

Taking breaks from school is a time that is looked forward to by many, many people.

Though I am so very excited for the break itself, I am not excited for the amount of stress that comes with break.

Not only is break the time to relax and work at your own pace, but it is also the time that allows students to work on projects without the distraction of going to class.

I am not sure how many people do follow that, but it is something that can help limit the stress.

Making a to-do list to go along with break is something that also can be helpful, and sometimes it makes people more stressed. I know that my own list is a page long and it is not even done yet.

With the semester coming to a close, stress levels are rising in many students, and it is seen in different ways.

When I walk around campus I can see different people and how stressed out they are based on their facial expressions.

Some people zone out while looking at their textbooks, some do not talk while they are with friends and some just spend countless hours in a quite place so they do not have those everyday distractions where they can get their work done.

Thanksgiving break is a great time to knock out some of that work and studying.

Yes, it is also a time to be with family and friends that go to other schools, but there are a couple of days before thanks giving where time can be fit in between catching up with friends and family, and doing those last minute Thanksgiving dinner preparations.

Doing homework over break is not the most fun thing, but it can drastically lessen the amount of stress you will end up putting yourself under when there is two weeks left before finals.

Think about that 10-page paper you have due after break for your hardest class. You have to find 10 sources and make a presentation along with it.

On top of that, you have a major art project to work on for your art class that you have not even thought about what the subject will be.

You could stress yourself out trying to get everything done before you leave Friday, or you could space out the amount of time you work on those projects while you are on break.

Taking this break time to get the bulk of your major projects done is going to help reduce stress levels while it gives you the time after break to start studying for the finals coming up not too long after we get back to school.

Mackenzie Freund is a junior journalism major.  She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]