Student Senate expects speaker, will vote on bylaw change

Analicia Haynes, Staff Reporter

The Student Senate will be expecting a guest speaker and will also be voting on a bylaw change at 7 pm at Wednesday’s meeting in the Tuscola/Arcola room in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Alison Maley, Eastern Alumni and former member of the executive branch of student government, will speak about her experience in Student Senate.

According to the EIU College of Sciences website, Maley graduated from Eastern in 2002 with her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and again in 2010 with her Master of Arts in Political Science (American/Government/Pubic Administration.)

According to the website, Maley is the Governmental Relations and Public Relations Director for the Illinois Principals Association, which represents over 5,000 Illinois school leaders.

Maralea Negron, the student speaker of the senate, said Maley will discuss how her role on student senate has helped her in the workplace.

The student senate will go into a question-and-answer session with Maley. Negron reminded senators to be prepared to ask questions.

The Student Senate will also go into a period of discussion and will vote on bylaw change 15-16-02.

The bylaw change deals directly with The Student University Enhancement Committee and was authored by Ariannah Lambert, chairwomen for the student university enhancement committee, Hayley Hess, student senator, and Jody Abell, student senator.

The change calls for an amendment and addition to article two, letter B, numbers 9a, 9b, 9f and 9j, which explain who the committee should be composed of as well as who the committee should work with and what they should do as a committee.

According to bylaw change 15-16-02, the rationale for the change is to update the bylaws for the senators.

According to the rationale, parts were left out because “expired titles, unnecessary laws and lastly (student senate) is not in control of some areas.”

The only addition to the bylaw is a correction of grammar, according to the rationale.

Senators who are running for election for the 2016 spring semester were given an extension and will be reminded to turn in their election packets to the Student Activity Center by Thursday Nov. 12 at 4 pm instead of Wednesday Nov. 11.

Senators running for election are required to get at least 50 student signatures with valid E-numbers.

The senators with the most signatures will be put on the ballot on a first-come first-serve basis.

Senators will also vote on the consent agenda, which asks for the approval of the EIU Line Dancing Club, Douglas Hall Council, and Lincoln Hall Council as Registered Student Organizations.


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