Newsroom travels far, wide to find permanent home

Student newspaper has been housed in various locations around campus

Katelyn Siegert, Managing Editor

According to John Ryan, former adviser for The Daily Eastern News, The News has been housed in at least nine different locations across campus since its founding in 1915.

The Normal School News was founded on Nov. 5, 1915, in the Bails family home across from Old Main where there is currently a bank, by Ivan Goble (Class of 1916), sports editor J. Edward McGurty (Class of 1918) and business manager Ernest R. Bails (Class of 1916).

The university took over from 1920-1958 after The News experienced financial trouble. The News was housed downstairs and for a time upstairs in the tower of Old Main.

In 1958, student publications, including theWarbler yearbook, was given an office in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union for one year.

The next year, student publications was moved to the Cement Block Building, where the east addition of the Union is today.

From 1960-1975, student publications was located in the basement of Pemberton Hall.

In 1975, student publications, which then included The Vehicle and Minority Today, moved to the first and second floor of the east end of the Student Services Building.

Student publications also bought its press in 1976, which was housed in what is now called Klehm Hall.

In 1981, student publications moved to the north gym of Buzzard Hall where WEIU is located today.

From 1995-1997, while Buzzard Hall underwent renovations,  student publications was moved to the sub-basement of the Union, underneath the bowling alley.

Following renovations, student publications and The News’ newsroom returned to Buzzard and their current locations.

John David Reed, a former adviser for The News, said having a physical meeting place is important for a student newspaper.

“The interaction among staff members is part of what makes a newspaper great,” Reed said.