Students will sink into the truth about the Titanic

Shannon Satterlee, Staff Reporter

The Academy of Lifelong Learning will be hosting a three-session event about the Titanic, noon Tuesday at Blair Hall in room 2116.

The event is called “The Truth About The Titanic” and will discuss the myths and facts about the sinking ship.

Martia Metzke, the projector coordinator of the academy of lifelong learning, said the event would help attendees separate the facts and the fiction about the Titanic.

“(The Titanic) is kind of part of the culture today,” Metzke said. “The movie really served to confirm in people’s (mind) that these were the fact, the way the movie played out.”

Metzke said one professor at Eastern would be uncovering the facts about what really went down in 1912.

“Dr. (Roger) Witlow is going to talk to us about how they have identified different facets of the story that are not true according to the cultural beliefs,” Metzke said. “He has been with Eastern for a long, long time. He has taught for the School of Continuing Ed.”

Witlow will be presenting the first Titanic class at Eastern, and conducting a one-hour lecture, which includes power point slides, open discussions and possibly clips from movies; this class is designed to provide insight on facts unknown about the Titanic.

While the movie is based on a true story it was not completely factual; the movie lacked facts and included a false romance story.

Witlow will be encouraging everyone to participate in an open discussion and welcomes everyone to ask any questions they may have.

He wants everyone to be involved and plans to engage the audience so they have a better understanding of what really happened.

If you students are interested in the hour-long session, they can register by calling Eastern’s school of Continuing Education at 581-5114. Seats are limited for the event.

The cost to attend the event is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.


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