Potential students tour Eastern’s campus


Molly Dotson

Jordan Landeck, a senior commuications major, informs a tour group of facts pertaining to the Doudna Fine Ats Center in the South Quad on Monday. She and Will Giroux (left), a sophomore health studies major, led campus tours during the open house.

Cassie Buchman, Administration Editor

Nearly 900 prospective students and their families got to know Eastern a little better at the Open House Monday.

Tour guides could be seen all over campus, guiding people where they needed to go introducing them to Eastern.

Eastern was the first college visit for Jozlyn Ramos, from Aurora.

“I didn’t think it would be in the middle of a town,” Ramos said.

Ramos said she was thinking the campus would be more like she has seen in movies.

“Everything’s all cheery, when we got here there was no one outside so it was different,” Ramos said. “Now people are here, so it’s better.”

Ramos got mail from Eastern that made her interested in the university.

“I was just trying to experience new things, go see different colleges,” Ramos said. “I was like oh, I’ll go check out Eastern.”

Ramos said she like that the school was in a big circle, but the only concern she had was students who said there was not a lot to do in town, although they said there were many activities.

Ramos said overall she enjoyed the open house and found it helpful.

Ramos’s mom, Lisa Robinson, said the amount of study and quiet time was important to her when seeing what college her daughter should attend.

“Things I like for her are probably different from what she’s expecting,” Robinson said. “From the presentation, it looks like they’re really serious about (the) student’s expectations and life goals.”

Robinson said she was nervous about her daughter going to college.

“She’s going to be three hours and 20 minutes away,” Robinson said. “She’s very independent, so I don’t have to worry about that. Just the whole growing up part (is concerning).”

Mara Novakovic, from Frankfurt, said she like the fact the campus was smaller.

Novakovic said she wants to be on a first-name basis with her professors instead of being just a number.

Novakovic’s guidance counselor came to Eastern and encouraged her to come check it out.

Admissions counselors Erica Aguilar and Luis Alarcon helped prospective students and families as they made their way around Eastern and answered questions.

“There’s been a lot of good questions,” Aguilar said. “They were just getting accustomed to Eastern’s campus.”

Aguilar said parents loved the opening ceremony with President David Glassman and Director of Admissions Chris Dearth, which they found welcoming.

Alarcon said he always tells high school students to go see the colleges they are interested in.

“They can learn about the programs, see the atmosphere,” Alarcon said. “It’s highly important before you decide to go to a university to be there, discover the whole thing for yourself.”

Students were also able to apply for Eastern during the Open House in the Bridge Lounge.

If they applied at Eastern at the Open House, they did not have to pay the $30 application fee.

Dearth said he would not be surprised to see at least 200 applications because they already had a large number apply that day.

Death said the Open House was successful and is one of the largest programs on campus.

“They want to take the next step,” Death said. “They realize this is what they’re looking for.”


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