International potluck to bring food and games

Alex Seidler, Staff Reporter

Bringing together people from different cultural backgrounds is the goal of the International Potluck, sponsored by the Association of International Students, at 6 p.m. Oct. 16 at the Charleston Community Church.

The International Potluck was known as the Taste of the World event last year.

Shraddha Shrestha, president of the Association of International Students, said the goal of the event is to bring together people from different background for a time of games, food, and friendly conversation.

“Nothing brings people together like good food,” Shrestha said. “We are also hoping that this event will help people communicate with each other and help international students to overcome from cultural shocks.”

Shrestha said people will get the chance to see different cuisines which will bring out their culture. Shrestha said people will interact with other students and eat new foods from different countries.

“All in all, people will get to see happy faces and yummy food,” Shrestha said.

Shrestha said last year it was held at Morton Park and the cold weather had a negative impact on the event.

The event is being held at a church so weather will not be a problem.

Iulia Ionescu, vice president of Association of International Students, said even if people do not think they might like the food they should try it anyways.

“It’s so therapeutic, and even if you’re not sure if you’re going to like it, you should think about coming and trying it anyway,” Ionescu said.

Martina Karmakar, a graduate student in applied management, said this is her first year in the Association of International Students and she hopes people will enjoy the opportunity to taste food they never had before.

“It will be great because international students can try foods from different cultures from all over the world,” Karmakar said. “This event will bring together people from different places.”

The cultural foods will come from different countries like India, Pakistan, South Africa, Uzbekistan, and more. Shrestha said none of the Association of International Students members would vote on the foods.

She said people in attendance can vote for their favorite food option and the winner will receive a prize.

Shrestha said the event would also host some interactive activities and people will not know any of the games until they come to the event.

The International Potluck will be held in the Charleston Community Church, located at 2360 Shawnee Drive.

The event is free, but people are encouraged to bring some food and share with everyone.


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