Sex and booze presentation to talk about student safety

Adrian Bolaji, Staff Reporter

Though Brittany Floyd, the health promotion coordinator at the Health Education Resource Center, will be giving a presentation on sensitive topics, she doesn’t feel awkward doing so.

“I don’t feel awkward giving presentations; although we may cover some sensitive topics, giving these presentations is a great opportunity to start the conversation about so many great health-related topics,” Floyd said.

Floyd and Melany Zwilling, a graduate assistant and sexual health education coordinator for the HERC, will be discussing sex and alcohol at the Sex and Booze presentation 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Physical Sciences building.

At the Sex and Booze presentation, abstinence, consent, protection, the physiological and expectancy effects of alcohol, the relationship between sex and alcohol and how alcohol is portrayed in the media will be discussed.

Floyd said she wants students to gain a higher, more thorough understanding of their sexual health and consent and to understand the difference between expectance effects and physiological effects of alcohol.

Floyd said she encourages students to stop by and see what they have to offer.

“We can be beneficial to every single student in some way or another,” Floyd said.

Floyd said students might be faced with some of these issues at some point in their college careers.

“The information we provide students with will enable them to make more educated and healthier decisions,” Floyd said.

The presentation is free of cost and open to all students, staff and faculty.

“We are students ourselves and have been in their shoes, so that helps us relate to the students,” Floyd said. “Our presentations are interactive and we encourage participation from the students. We also want to make sure we cover everything thoroughly, and answer any questions a student may have.”


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