NRHH raises funds for breast cancer through dodge ball tournament

Mackenzie Freund, City Editor

Three residence halls will be participating in the dodge ball tournament hosted by the National Residence Hall Honorary, or NRHH, at 7 p.m. in McAfee Gym, Wednesday.

The dodge ball tournament is the last event being put on by the NRHH for their annual Breast Cancer Awareness Week.

Greta Dieter, a junior political science major and secretary for the NRHH, said the executive board has been talking about a dodge ball tournament for a long time.

“Last year there was a battle of the bands, so we wanted to keep the competitive spirit,” Dieter said. “We thought now would be the best time to do it.”

Dieter said Lawson, McKinney, and Stevenson halls are the three residence halls that have signed up for the tournament.

The winning team for the tournament will get an overall trophy with their organization’s name on it and members of the team will also get a trophy.

Dieter said her goal is to raise more than $5,000.

Dieter said there would be Breast Cancer Awareness Week shirts for sale during the tournament.

The t-shirts will be $10, $15 for long sleeves, but for $20 students can get one of each.

The NRHH members will also be taking orders for more if there are no shirts available in a certain size.

The fee for the tournament is $50 for each team and teams must be between six and 10 people.

The deadline to sign up for the tournament was Oct. 2., but Dieter said the NRHH executive board may plan a spring tournament.

“We are looking into doing another tournament for the spring and get more involvement from organizations on campus,” Dieter said.

Dieter said people are more than welcome to go and watch the tournament.

On Oct. 2., the NRHH members had a table set up in the south quad where students could throw a pie at someone, or walk up and push it in their face.

There were members of members sitting behind the table waiting for students to throw a pie at them.

The NRHH members also asked people from around campus to be some of their special guests during the event.

Faculty members like Mark Hudson, director of housing and dining services, admissions counselor Omar Solomon, and some of the resident directors and associate resident directors from the different halls participated.

Eastern President David Glassman was one of the special guests that got pied in the face.

Glassman encouraged students and faculty to come and donate to the NRHH fundraiser while he was sitting in the chair.

“Come on, it’s only one dollar!” Glassman yelled.


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