Career Services to have mock interview

Cassie Buchman, Administration Editor

Students will get a chance to practice their interviewing skills at a Mock Interview Day with Career Services from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Diane Smith, a marketing specialist and career advisor, said students could get nervous when they go to real job interviews.

“This is specifically why we offer this workshop,” Smith said.

The workshop prepares students for real interviews by allowing them to participate in practice interviews with career counselors.

“This is a non-threatening environment,” she said. “Afterward (the students) will feel better, they’re not going to go ‘ugh, ugh, what did I just do?’”

Although most of the mock interviews will be between students and career counselors, some of the mock interviews feature real employers who will practice with students.

“Whether this is an interview for an internship, or a full time job, career services can tailor that for students,” Smith said.

Smith said she recommends students bring resumes to the interview so they can be asked more specific questions, but they are not required to bring anything.

“We encourage students to dress like they’re actually on an interview so they can know what it feels like, but we certainly wouldn’t turn students away if they couldn’t,” she said.

Smith said she would also encourage students to “interview” the employer before a real interview and to get more information. This is one of the many tips that will be shared at the mock interviews.

Alycia Wintermann, a junior accounting major who works at the front desk of Career Services, is planning on going to Mock Interview day.

She said the kinds of questions that are going to be asked depend on the interviewer and major of the student.

“Students can look up different things online before the interview,” Wintermann said. “Like if they are an accounting major, they can look up questions for jobs like that.”

Each career counselor has a different major they specialize in.

“There are some education, some business, every major is different,” Wintermann said.

Wintermann said she thinks students will be more relaxed and will have a good start to the real interview process if they go to mock interviews.

As a student, Wintermann said she was sure others had problems not knowing how to answer questions.

“Some (employers) might not ask about you. They might ask for an answer for a scenario or something like that,” Wintermann said.

She said it might be hard for some students to answer these behavioral questions.

Those interested can schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor for an interview. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 581-2412.


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