Religious protestor condemns comfortable clothing

Photo by Stephanie White | The Daily Eastern News
Brother Mikhail Sovenko holds up a sign stating

Photo by Stephanie White | The Daily Eastern News Brother Mikhail Sovenko holds up a sign stating “Yoga pants are sin” Monday afternoon in front of the Booth Library. Sovenko and his mentor Brother Jed have visited Eastern numerous times and within the past week have preached to passing by students near Booth and the steps near the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

Abbey Whittington, Staff Reporter

Standing in front of Booth Library on Monday afternoon was another religious group ready to wield their freedom of speech and religion to students in an effort to convert them.

This group discussion was decorated with loud accusations of committed sins, along with one of many offensive signs that read “WHORE” in capitalized red letters, making this “religious experience” even more shocking and uninviting to students.

One of the protestors, Brother Mikhail Sovenko, held up a particular sign portraying one of his various religious beliefs. This sign said “Yoga Pants Are Sin!”

One of the students that was present in this discussion circle was Claire Overland, a freshman general studies major.

After witnessing the signs she said that the group is doing more to upset than convert those listening.

“When people see a sign that says ‘yoga pants are a sin,’ they’re usually going to laugh and walk away. If they want to make a difference, they need to try to change what they do,”  Overland said.

Overland said that this sign could make students mad, and what a student wears should not affect anyone’s life as much as this group is saying it is.

The sign sends a negative message to students that makes them question what they may desire to wear that day and make them fear they might be belittled for it, because they could be accused of being a sinner.

The statement written on the sign is also unfair, because let’s face it: the average college student is juggling a lot of activities in only 24 hours.

Whether it be studying all night, attending club meetings or athletic events, or working a full-time job, a student has a lot on their plate. These stressed out students should be able to slip on whatever article of clothing their heart desires without feeling like they have personally offended God.

Gabriella Ramirez, a freshman history major, pointed out that the Bible states not to judge others, and that it is contradictory to what they were preaching.

“I think it makes a girl feel judged, and it might make her think ‘Oh my gosh, do all men think this way, and are all men stereotyping me because of what I’m wearing?’” Ramirez said.

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