Student Senate discusses campus improvement projects

Analicia Haynes, Staff Reporter

Student Senate committees introduced a set list of potential projects to accomplish for this semester at Wednesday’s meeting.

Shirmeen Ahmad, the student body president, said she is looking forward to the semester.

“(The committees) are off to a great start and I’m excited to see how much momentum we’re going to start stirring up this year.”

Maralea Negron, speaker of the senate, said senators are broken down into committees of their interest.

Their main goal is to work on projects within their committees like approving registered student organizations or improving the campus.

“Committees that work in certain areas at Eastern help better the campus overall,” Negron said. “They are trying to up attendance at games, improve attendance at registered student organizations, incorporate diversity in the classroom, and overall make students feel like they’re a part of Eastern.”

Chelsey Milligan, committee chair for business affairs, discussed a list of potential projects for this semester that focused on getting students informed about the budget and the Monetary Award Program grant through possibly working with media outlets to get to students.

Milligran also introduced potential informational how to lectures that will help students manage their money.

Luke Young, committee chair for external relations, addressed a possible initiative to go local and encourage students from local communities to attend Eastern.

“We have enthusiasm and are looking forward to the initiative but it’s a work in progress,” Young said.

Other projects addressed at Wednesday’s meeting included the goal to get students involved on campus.

Jasmine Thomas, committee chair for student affairs said she wants to get students out of the dorms and get them involved.

Thomas and her committee plan for goals that will help students and RSOs get more involved on campus especially at sporting events. Thomas proposed a potential project called “Adopt a Team Member” where RSOs have the opportunity to adopt a player from any team and cheer them on at their game.

“When you have people cheering for you, you are pushed to do better,” Thomas said.

Several other tasks outlined at Wednesday’s meeting include Ahmad’s goal to start a Facebook page for RSO presidents in the hopes to get more communication across campus so that everyone gets all the information that they need.

“We want to make sure that students know that we are doing stuff,” Ahmad said.

Ahmad also encouraged senators to attend the several games that are set to take place this weekend.

Stephen Simpson, vice-president for academic affairs, said senators were also encouraged to attend another the Prowlin’ with the Prez event, Pastries with the Prez, which is expected to take place at 4 p.m. Oct. 16 at JAVA Beanery and Bakery.

The Student Senate also approved two new RSOs, The Sword Fighters Guild and the EIU Tennis Club, and approved a list of student representatives on the University Naming Committee, the Committee on University Planning and Budgeting and the Council on Teacher Education.

Graduate student Jonathan Williams said he felt it was a great idea and a good way to get more students involved on campus.

“Employers look for extra curricular activities and if you’re involved you have a better chance at getting the job,” Williams said.


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