Student Senate prepares new campus-wide goals

Analicia Haynes, Staff Reporter

The Student Senate will address a renovated list of goals at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Arcola-Tuscola room at the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Finding success in the objectives set last week, especially in increased student attendance at Saturday’s first home football game, Shirmeen Ahmad, the student body president, is continuing to push for a higher student turnout at school events.

“There were things that could have been improved because it was so last minute, but it was exciting,” said Ahmad. “You could feel that excitement in the air on campus and everyone seemed pumped. The crowd was great and the stands were packed, but I wish they wore more blue.”

Focusing on the ups and downs of last week’s objective, Ahmad said she was glad it was a last-minute attempt to increase student attendance, because they could see the importance of getting information on social media out faster.

Because of the student turnout of last week’s game, Ahmad will use this initiative to get information about other Eastern sports teams for students to know about.

Ahmad said this is important because it encourages support.

“Sometimes students don’t know that (the games) are happening,” said Ahmad.

Ahmad will also discuss her initiatives for the “It’s On Us” campaign at Wednesday’s meeting.

“It’s a work in progress, but I want to make sure that we achieve what we want to get out of it,” said Ahmad.

She plans to deploy a list of activities and events to educate the campus and make sure that students feel safe.

Committee chairs will also outline their list of initiatives and goals in the committee reports.

Ahmad said now that the committees are officially up and going, there have been a lot of initiatives brought forth and they are excited to hear the new set of goals.

Senator Gabriella Ramirez, who is on the external relations committee, said she hopes to bring ideas that she observed from other schools to help update the student government website.

Luke Young, the committee chair of the external relations committee, also plans to address his own goals that focus on boosting student enrollment at Wednesday’s meeting.

“You can be as close to home or as far as you want. There are advantages for coming to Eastern and admissions is doing a good job recruiting local students,” said Young.

The Student Senate will also approve a list of student representatives for the University Naming Committee, the Committee on University Planning and Budgeting, and the Council on Teacher Education.


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