Column: Waiting for marriage is worth it

Sydney Edwards, Copy Editor

Dating is a natural thing in college.SydneyE

People meet on campus, realize they are attracted to each other and then start this confusing thing we call dating.

They go out to dinner, they walk around campus, they make out in the hallways of Doudna and they might even decide that they want to put a ring on the relationship.

One of the important decisions that needs to be made in the course of that relationship, however, is whether they want to have sex or not and when.

Waiting until marriage for sex can be both good and bad for a relationship.

But, making the decision to wait does not have to be religion-orientated.

Waiting to have sex with someone can be a decision that a couple will be glad they made if their relationship makes it in the long run.

First of all, waiting for sex is not impossible for someone who has had sex before.

It can, honestly, be a good chance for the person to learn self-control.

Many people let their sex-drive run their feelings for someone too.

This causes them to have false feelings for someone or rush into a relationship.

Being in a relationship with someone is a big decision. Let your brain control your emotions, not any little minds a person may have in other parts of their body.

Relationships need something to look forward to, to keep them exciting for both partners.

If someone gives you a wrapped present, you like the excitement of not knowing what it is at first right? Well, what if that person just told you what it was when they handed it to you?

It takes out all of the excitement and the surprise, does it not?

The same applies to a relationship.

If the kissing part of the relationship is already amazing six months into the relationship, would you not want the surprise and excitement for when you do take the step and go all the way?

Wrapping it all up and giving someone the full package on the first date can make the relationship boring quickly.

As for the health side of things, it is always better to wait to have sex with someone until you really know someone.

I mean the guy or girl can be extremely cute, but until you know their past history with people you will not know if they are STD free or if they will run away in the case of pregnancy.

Abstinence is always the best option when you are talking about someone’s health.

When it comes down to it, waiting to have sex till marriage is a good idea for couples young and old. Waiting to have intimacy until the wedding night makes the whole marriage thing more exciting.


Sydney Edwards is a freshman marketing major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]