Select Your Perfect Shade


photo courtesy of wikipedia user maksim: Lipsticks come in many different types of colors, shades and stains. They also range in prices depending on where the lipstick is sold. Local drug stores will have weekly makeup specials to draw in buyers.

Abbey Whittington, Verge Reporter

It seems that after turning every corner, there’s another fashion trend to face because the world of fashion is constantly changing, especially with lipsticks.

Many of these trends are comebacks from previous generations and blend with modern day fashion to create a fresh new look.

With these renewed fashion statements comes accessorizing and finding a way to make, this blast from the past, a bolder version than it was before.

The words that speak from your attire are not only from the clothing, but from how you pair your makeup with your outfit, which leads to the final element of sealing a fierce getup: the lipstick.

Although new trends can also be expensive, lipstick is a very accessible addition to anyone looking to add a bit of edge to their wear.

You can find affordable lipsticks at Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Forever 21 and many other stores.

The tricky part is picking the right shade of lipstick to make your outfit pop, so here are some tips for selecting your perfect shade:

Go With the Season

With sweater season on the way, the darker lipsticks are coming out. A nice shade of maroon always goes nicely to warm up your wardrobe, and these darker shades will look good throughout the winter as well.

The spring calls for a pastel pink to celebrate the return of newly blossomed flowers. In the summer it’s good to pair a light pink, or bright red with your newly sun-kissed skin.

Use Color Contrast

Whip out your color wheel to see what shade will go well with that new blouse you just bought.

A royal blue shirt can be accented well with a coral shade, and an emerald green dress will look sharp with a ruby red lip. Even just shades of red can be an accent to a green article of clothing.

Take Advantage of Neutral Clothing

Neutral clothing opens doors to a world of unlimited shades for the brave wearer of lipstick because anything goes with black, white, grey, etc.

Whether it be a hot pink with all black attire, a plum shade paired with a grey sweater, or even lavender lips with a white-collared shirt, neutrals are always a great way to experiment with new and funky makeup trends.

Brown is Bliss

Not only does new fashion icon Kylie Jenner rock several shades of brown lipsticks, but the shade also looks fabulous with any earthy tones in clothing. It’s an easy go to shade for yet another bold look.

Find Your Favorite Color

Sometimes, simply grabbing the lipstick tube that gets your attention can become your everyday shade. I personally fell in love with Studded Kiss’ “Prayer” by Kat Von D and wear it almost every day.

Lipstick is an interesting and simplistic way for self-expression, as well as an experiment in painting the canvas that is you. I hope that these steps have guided you in your search for the right shade.

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