CAA suspends bylaws, fast tracks revision process

Cassandra Buchman, Administration Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs will vote on revising two chemistry classes and add new members at their meeting Tuesday.

The chemistry classes are General Chemistry II and General Chemistry Laboratory II.

Marita Gronnvoll, chair of the CAA, said the council is going to vote to suspend the bylaws for the chemistry classes because they wanted to vote on revising them that same day.

According to the bylaws, items are added to the agenda and voted on at the next meeting.

Gronnvoll said part of the reason for the bylaws is because it gives them a chance to publicize their meeting minutes so the whole university can see what’s going on at the meetings.

“It also gives the council members a week to read through the course proposals and prepare for the next meeting.” Gronnvoll said.

The CAA is going to vote on suspending the bylaws because the chemistry courses are on a deadline to be revised.

“They’ve been under the gun for a while,” Gronnvoll said.

The chemistry classes will be revised to update them with the University Learning Goals.

“These are old courses, they’ve been around for a long time,” Gronnvoll said. “There was no record of an original course proposal. What they wanted to do was make sure they were up to date and we have a good solid record of the course.”

The items to be added to the agenda are a Sociology course and Math courses. These classes will be voted on next week. The CAA will make one motion to add the items to the agenda.

The CAA canceled their meeting last week due to a lack of voting members present at the meeting.

There were ten active members of the CAA at the time meeting, seven of which attended the meeting that day. To have quorum, the CAA needs eight members present at the meetings.

At their Tuesday meeting, a new member will be at the meeting who will replace a member who is currently on sabbatical. A student representative will be present as well.

“That should give us some breathing room,” Gronnvoll said.

Faculty Senate made a request for the new faculty member, Larry White, the Assistant Chair of Management Information Systems.

Student Senate is responsible for getting the new student, who will be JaLisa Smith, a psychology major.

“That means we should be okay, I don’t think we’ll be running the risk of not having a quorum,” Gronnvoll said. “I think we’ll be in good shape.”

The CAA now has 12 active members.

“That means we’d have to have like five people gone to not have a quorum,” Gronnvoll said. “So I think we’re going to be fine for the rest of the semester.”

White is a former member of the CAA.

“He has a lot of expierience,” Gronnvoll said. “He had a spot on CAA up until about two years ago, when he ran for election and someone got more votes than he did or something like that.”

When choosing people to serve on the CAA, the Faculty Senate has different options.

“They can run a special election, but what I think they did in this case is that the person who is on sabbatical right now, Rick Wilkinson, when he ran Larry White had the next number of votes, so I think what they did is they decided to ask him since he already had expressed an interest because he ran at the same time,” Gronnvoll said.

Faculty Senate has freedom in how to find replacements.

“I think they chose to do this instead of running a special election, which I think is the way to go,” Gronnvoll said.

At the meeting will be a brief introduction and welcome.

“Since Dr. White is familiar with CAA he doesn’t need an introduction, and JaLisa will get a handbook so she’ll have everything she needs,” Gronnvoll said. “I think for her a lot of it is going to be learning as she goes, because we won’t be doing a whole orientation it will just be an introduction of new members.”

The CAA will meet 2 p.m Tuesday in 4440 Booth Library.


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