Prowl events leads to Q&A session with President

Mackenzie Freund, City Editor

Eastern President David Glassman lead an impromptu question and answer session during the Premiering the Prez event in the University Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Student Government hosted the event.

Stephen Simpson, the student vice president of academic affairs, said the prowl events are being continued from last year.

He said the main point of the event was to introduce the students to Glassman and vice versa.

Simpson said the Q&A session was not an original part of the plan, but it was a good addition to the event.

Megan Lindsay, a junior elementary education major, said she enjoyed the Q&A session because she got to know more about Glassman.

“I liked the prowl events with President Perry and I liked mingling with him, but we never got a formal Q&A session with him,” Lindsay said. “I liked being able to ask questions and get to know (Glassman).”

Megan Christensen, a senior English major, said she enjoyed the Q&A session because it was less intimating.

“I think it’s less intimidating if we are all sitting in a group asking questions rather than if its one-on-one,” Christensen said.

Lindsay and Christensen said they are looking forward to the future prowl events.

Simpson said he has planned out most of the events, but he is open for ideas from anyone who has a suggestion.

The prowl events are monthly events that allow students to interact with Glassman and get to know him, which he enjoys.

“You are my guides to Eastern and making it the best it can be,” Glassman said.

Students were able to take a photo with Glassman or Billy the Panther while they enjoyed the ice cream supplied by student government.

Glassman said he would like to see all of the student senate members attend the prowl events, but he would like to see more of the student body involved.

“I want the senators to be only a quarter of the group and I want to keep it growing so the senators are 20 percent or 10 percent,” Glassman said.

One student asked about Glassman’s background in education.

Glassman said he has previously worked at Virginia Tech, Texas State University, Southern Indiana and was previously the Provost and vice president of academic affairs at Bradley University.

He said his specific area is in physical, or forensic anthropology, which is the study of bones of people from today and in the past.

Glassman said he did most of his research in Belize in South America and worked on over 350 cases with the police and the FBI.

He said he was featured on a couple of episodes of “Skeleton Stories,” “Forensic Files” and “America’s Most Wanted.”

Glassman said he went and worked in a small town outside of Mexico City, Mexico after he graduated from the University of Minnesota.

“I lived in a church for three months and worked excavation,” Glassman said.


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