Volunteer fair returns for charitable students

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

Eastern’s annual volunteer fair, hosted by the Student Community Service Office, will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the South Quad Wednesday.

The fair will allow students to see the various volunteer opportunities available on campus.

Kelsi Grubisich, a graduate assistant for the Student Community Service Office, said the fair would show students the different volunteer work they can do, including weekly and one-time services.

“The volunteer fair is a fair for students to see the different opportunities that they have to do some volunteer service opportunities throughout the year on campus,” Grubisich said. “We have weekly volunteer opportunities, (and) we have one-time volunteer opportunities.”

Grubisich also said people from other outside organizations will be present at the fair as well.

“We offer our play program, which is starting in a few weeks,” Grubisich said. “It’s a weekly opportunity to work with students throughout Coles County. We have seven different sites for that project.”

Grubisich also said students who sign up for the volunteer project have to dedicate at least one or two hours a week, depending on the program.

“Last year, we had 150,000 hours of community service that were fulfilled from students around the university,” Grubisich said. “We don’t have an exact number of how many students actually come out to the fair, but we gear it towards any students to come out that are interested in participating in any service opportunities.”

Grubisich also said new students were exposed to only a small portion of the volunteer work during Prowl weekend.

“At Jumpstart (2 G.I.V.E) they had just a little glimpse of what we offer through our office,” Grubisich said. “But coming to the volunteer fair, there’s going to be many more opportunities for them to do other service projects.”

If students are not able to find a service project they want, they can come to the Student Community Service Office, where they can receive help from the staff.

“If they have an interest that we do not have a project for, they can come and meet with one of us in our office,” Grubisich said. “We will help them find a location either around the area or we’ll see if we can get other students to be interested in the project as well and then we can start a project here on campus.”


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