Tinder and the College Experience

Sydney Edwards, Copy Editor

Swipe right, swipe left. Match, message and meet. Tinder is the new way to find hookups, friends and maybe even relationships.

Tinder was launched in 2012 and was founded by a group of five friends. Since the launch, Tinder has won a few awards, added a messaging system and is now reported to have over a billion swipes a day.

Tinder seems to be having a pretty successful time over the past three years.

Are the users having a successful time meeting people too? Some may say yes. For others, not so much.

Tinder has a few problems that need to be fixed before it can be a happy place for all users. However, not all the fixing needs to come from the Tinder app itself.

The users need to fix their attitude.

A good percentage of Tinder users are college students, and college students are looking for a quick hook-up while on campus.

Not saying that every user is looking for a hook-up, but many are. When those users swipe right on someone and then realize that they are going to get friend-zoned or not get some booty tonight, they get angry.

Should they really act this way?

Is insulting someone or calling them out on being a respectable person really correct?

When did our generation become so desperate to get some booty that they get angry and insulting when they do not get what they want?

When it comes down to it, hook-ups are not everything in life.

College is about meeting friends, having new experiences that help you grow as a person and getting an education.

If hooking up is all a person is looking for in college, they need to rethink things a bit.

Through it all, there are a few good users on Tinder though.

Some people on Tinder are amazing people that you could make a good friend, or even start a relationship with.

Tinder is also a way for people to bond through sharing their experiences while on the app with others who may use it also.

Tinder has both a bad and a good name from the Tinder community.

When it comes down to it, it is the ideal place to meet people. Some may be rude, some may be kind, but they are all a part of the Tinder community.