Residents disclose hang out spots, entertainment venues in the Chuck

Mackenzie Freund, City Editor

The Charleston Square has different places for students to hang out during the school year, such as bookstores, bars and restaurants.

Bob’s Books is a bookstore located in the square. It is an open place for students to hang out and do homework.

Joe Judd, the owner of Bob’s Books, said they have many different events planned during the week for students.

“Mondays we have chess night, and Fridays we have open mic night,” Judd said. “People do rants and comedy and good music.”

Judd said they have free wireless Internet and coffee available for the students that come to the bookstore to do homework.

There is space upstairs for customers to get work done and there is a place for children to play and read as well.

Along with Bob’s Books, Jackson Avenue Coffee, also known as the JAC, is one of the popular coffee shops for Eastern students.

The JAC is also located in the square, and is another place for students to get work done and have fun.

Customers can order coffee from the front, and then go into the back room and play the instruments they have on the wall.

The JAC also has an open mic night on Thursdays at 7 p.m.

Iulia Ionescu, a junior music education major said, she thinks the JAC is a hidden gem of Charleston.

“We also have musicians that we hire that come in,” Ionescu said. “That’s something you can’t really get at Starbucks.”

The JAC also displays artwork of Charleston residents and Eastern students that are available for purchase.

Those who wish to have their artwork displayed in the JAC must make sure that it is family appropriate.

Other places in Charleston that students can visit are the Lincoln Log Cabin, the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Museum, and the Coles County Fairgrounds.


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