Review: Third Eye Blind succeeds with ‘Dopamine’ after 6 years

Chris Picazo, Staff Reporter

Almost six years of waiting, but the time that many people thought would never come has finally happened.

Third Eye Blind has finally released its long-awaited fifth album “Dopamine.”

The last time Third Eye Blind released an album, I was about to start my sophomore year in high school. I’ll be a senior in college in the fall.

The band is known for its ‘90s singles “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Jumper” and “How’s it Going to Be” from their debut self-titled album.

The band members will always be compared to that album because it is their best work, and arguably, one of the best alternative albums of the last 20 years.

The past 20 years for the group were not the greatest for the band either, especially for lyricist and vocalist Stephan Jenkins, who was involved with many member changes and lawsuits.

It is a shadow that will follow the band until the end.

Despite this, Third Eye Blind continues and has finally released the record and a great record at that.

The album opens with single “Everything is Easy,” which includes everything you could want from a Third Eye Blind single.

It includes the classic gloomy verses, huge pop chorus and message of heartbreak. Even at 50, Jenkins can still write a hook.

The album continues with “Shipboard Cook,” one of the best songs on the album, a song that is sure to be huge with fans on future tours.

Jenkins shows his lyrical prowess with extended nautical metaphors as he writes about his past ghosts and baggage.

The song builds to one of the biggest choruses the band has written as Jenkins shouts with emotion before slowly closing out the song with a whisper of, “I’m always a ghost.”

The first half of the album continues with tracks “All the Souls,” “Dopamine,” “Rites of Passage” and “Back to Zero.”

The songs have similar characteristics to “Everything is Easy,” and continue to show Jenkins’ ability to write incredibly catchy pop-rock, anthemic songs with hooks.

The latter-half shows the true talent of Third Eye Blind.

Guitarist Kryz Reid shows his guitar playing ability on tracks “Get Me Out of Here,” “Blade” and closer “Say It.”

“Get Me Out Here” continues to show Jenkins lyrical ability as he writes a brutally honest portrait of himself and insecurities at the age of 50.

Third Eye Blind and Jenkins are famous for writing ballads with songs like “Slow Motion” and “God of Wine.”

“My Time in Exile” is another ballad from the band, and the song is easily one of the band’s best songs from the members’ long career. It is similar to “Deep Inside of You” from the band’s second album “Blue.”

The album closes with “Say It” which shows what Third Eye Blind does best.

The song starts by slowly building up to a big chorus, which fades down and is brought back up again by Reid as he closes the album with a two-minute guitar solo, followed by one last huge chorus from Jenkins.

“Dopamine” is a classic Third Eye Blind record in sound and one of the stronger albums from the group.

It is an album that recaptures the nostalgic feeling of pop-rock/alternative record of the ‘90s. It may not be a record someone can fall in love at first listen, but it is great record.

It is incredible to think that Jenkins is 50 as he continues to show his ability in songwriting and vocal ability.

Jenkins said in 2012 that the next Third Eye Blind album would be the last. Let’s just hope that is not true.

Chris Picazo can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].