MEI moves forward with becoming official committee

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

Making Excellence Inclusive, a group of faculty and staff members whose purpose is to bring diversity, equity and inclusion to Eastern’s campus, is getting closer to becoming an official committee.

Glenn Hild, the interim dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, said the group is currently working on a set of bylaws, which are close to being completed. He said members were working on a website, which has also recently been live and operating.

Hild said those in the group are a set of “like-minded” individuals who would help the community with diversity and inclusion.

Hild said with David Glassman becoming the new president of Eastern in the fall, he is unsure if Glassman knows of Making Excellence Inclusive. Hild said the group members hope to meet with Glassman on a semi-regular basis.

“I’m sure that Glassman is going to be interesting in what the organization is doing,” Hild said.

The group has continued to promote inclusivity by showing films such as “Pride” and “Lives Worth Living.”

Making Excellence Inclusive has also begin to work with the student government Diversity Affairs Committee, EIU Experience and Faculty Senate on an initiative examining how diversity impacts the classroom, according to an email sent out by Dan Nadler, the vice president for student affairs.

To determine how diversity is playing a role in the classroom, the Student Government Diversity Committee is working on a video and a 10-question survey project highlighting personal stories and different roles diversity may play in a student’s comfort level in a classroom, according to the email.

Hild said one aspect of the group that has yet to move forward is the transcription of the data from its focus group studies. He said the intent is to allow more fieldwork to go in the study before having the data transcribed; once the information is pulled they can begin with improvements to the campus.


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