Eastern’s Board of Trustees to discuss student fees

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

Eastern’s Board of Trustees will discuss the proposed student fees increase and elect their officers for the board starting immediately at the conclusion of the meeting.

Dan Nadler, the vice president for student affairs, will present the student fee increases to the board on Friday. Nadler said both President Bill Perry and himself would discuss the fee increase at the end of the Eastern and Lake Land Board of Trustees meeting.

The proposal would see a total increase of $6.30 to student fees, with athletics receiving a $5.36 increase.

Both Faculty Senate and the Student Senate have opposed the proposed student fee increase earlier in the week, in their own respective meetings.

“All feedback is taken into consideration, both through formal and informal channels, and a determination is made with regard to what should be pursued and what should be done for the university overall,” Nadler said.

During the student senate meeting, some of the senators felt like the increases to the different student fees should be spread out evenly.

“Clearly, the students felt overwhelmingly that everyone should get some money,” Nadler said. “The complex situation I think for the students last night was what was an appropriate amount, and it’s difficult because it is hard to compare one area against another.”

Nadler also said everyone needs money, and of the seven areas with proposals for increase, six of them are in deficit or will be in deficit in they do not receive more funds.

“It’s a very challenging situation and additional resources are needed, or it’s going to get extremely serious about not only those groups, but some of the other funded areas that haven’t even come forward yet,” Nadler said. “We’re just looking at massive cuts to all of the groups.”

The meeting will also include the elections the board officers, who will not only be voted on but also will take on their new positions at the conclusion of Friday’s meeting.

The Board of Trustees meeting will take place at 1 p.m. Friday in the Grand Ballroom in the Martin Luther King University Union.


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