3 arrested in connection with police standoff


Katie Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Updated: 1:11 a.m. 4/23/2015

Updated: 10:32 a.m. 4/23/2015

Police have released the names of three individuals who were arrested following Tuesday’s police standoff at 400 W. Pierce Ave..

David Slightom, 34, was arrested on a pre-trial violation warrant, and Jessica Burgess, 22, and David Glik, 33, were charged with obstructing justice.

Slightom was originally charged with three counts of reckless conduct with intent to cause bodily harm, one count of battery with intent to cause bodily harm, and one count of criminal damage of property totaling $300 – $10,000.

His status hearing has been reset to 9 a.m. May 11 in courtroom no. 1.

Six individuals suspected of possessing weapons and narcotics were taken in for questioning with one official arrest made at about 5:30 a.m. at 400 W. Pierce Ave.

Officials refused to identify the individuals taken into custody.

The Crisis Response Team arrived at the home early Tuesday morning to make contact with high-priority individuals, Steve Kelly the director of court services, said.

A drug task force notified the CRT that the individuals may have been in possession of weapons and narcotics. When CRT members knocked on the door and heard several voices, but no one in the residence answered, the local police and sheriff’s departments were called for assistance.

Two individuals exited the home after CRT members requested over a loud speaker that anyone in the residence come out. Four additional individuals were escorted out of the house when the CRT decided it was necessary for public safety that officials enter.

The scene was cleared and each of the individuals was apprehended by about noon.

The individuals are currently being interviewed and units are still processing the crime scene.

Kelly said when the CRT made entry into the residence they discovered “items of interest,” although he would not say specifically what material was identified at the scene.

“We have discovered items in the house I don’t want to comment on, but led us to believe that some of our information is correct,” Kelly said.

Ameren Illinois was on-scene, but Kelly refused to comment on whether the power at the residence was shut off.

“I will say that at times it is a safety measure when entry is being made there might be possible methamphetamine labs, because of the volatile chemicals — so there is a possibility that happened, yes,” Kelly said.

The incident began as a regular Pre-Trial release program checkup, which was put in place to help inmates receive treatment, drug testing, jail release, and ultimately integrate them back into the community.

“We don’t get them out of jail and turn them lose,” Kelly said. “We do everything to help them but obviously this neighborhood needed protected and that’s what we do.”

Kelly said no further information is available at the moment and the investigation will be ongoing.

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