Faculty Senate to discuss possible president Commission

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The members of Faculty Senate will look at a request from the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics to support a resolution to create a Presidential Commission.

This commission would involve the president of the United States to investigate Intercollegiate Athletics.

COIA consists of different university faculties, administration and board of trustees that are concerned with higher education, according to the organization’s website.

Grant Sterling, chair of faculty senate, said the coalition is a group of faculty senate representing large Division I schools, and it is committed in creating strategies and proposals to reform college athletics in the long run.

“They believe that the NCAA has lost control of athletics, financially and in other ways,” Sterling said. “Commission called by the president is the best way to bring accountability and reforms to college sports.”

Also on the senate agenda, the members will be discussing about a group of Eastern students heading to Springfield. The student group would go and lobby for higher education, and experience educational information about the Illinois government.

“This student trip is sponsored by an area labor organizations. It is similar to the trips taken by other groups, like student actions teams,” Sterling said “It’s a chance for the average student to learn more about the legislature, labor, and higher education funding.”

The senate members will also decide whether or not to response to the proposed student fee increase.

“The student fee increase is the one that will be debated at Student Senate on Wednesday,” Sterling said. “Many fee would be increased, but the largest increase would go athletics.”

Other items on the senate agenda would be ratifying the results of the past faculty senate elections and discuss how to fill vacant positions, and the senate will also have their constitutional vote this week. The vote will also include a referendum regarding the athletics funding process.

The Faculty Senate will meet at 2 p.m. in the Booth Library Conference room on Tuesday.


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