Through use of fair trading, artisans gain decent wages

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

The Newman Catholic Center will be hosting the Fair Trade Sale, which will allow producers and artisans from underdeveloped counties get a fair price for their goods at 10 a.m. Wednesday in the South Quad.

Doris Nordin, a campus minister, said the fair trade is a system that builds relationships between the producer and the consumer so they have enough income to support their families.  She said a fair trade organization would help them to take care of their environment, to better their communities through education, medical care and planning their future.

Nordin said the event raises awareness about fair trade and promotes handcrafts made by artisans from Kenya, Uganda, Vietnam, India and other underdeveloped countries. She said the items are offered for sale at fair prices for those in the community and for the producers.

“You will find jewelry, house-hold items and coffee. The prices are fair for the producers and for us,” Nordin said.

Nordin said the significance of the event is because of how “conventional” it can be to buy as many items cheaply; however, doing that does not take into consideration the way of living of the producer.

“Fair trade raises the question, ‘Is the person making this product making a reasonable amount of money to provide for their family?’ Nordin said. “Fair trade is an invitation to think and act not only from our perspective, but from someone else who does not have the same kind of opportunities to work and evolve.”

Nordin said the event would provide others the dignity of work, of a job that will care for their families and communities.

She said people migrate all the time, but a large number of people in the world migrate due to lack of opportunities of work in their own countries.

“In a global economy where we buy items from all over the world … through Fair Trade we are helping the producers to build a better future in their own community. If you are going to buy …buy Fair Trade.  Give Gifts that Give Twice,” Nordin said.

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