CUPB to review campus technology, scholarships

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Council on University Planning and Budget will review a program analysis of campus technology Friday in its last meeting of the spring semester.

The CUPB will continue to meet during the summer.

The original meeting was supposed to be last week; however, some of the council members had conflicting schedules were unable to make the meeting. As a result, the meeting was canceled and postponed to Friday.

The council members will discuss four old business items, including the CUPB welcome packet, the EAB revenue generating and cost containment ideas, the technology review and the EIU Community Commitment to Excellence scholarship fund.

The EIU Community Commitment to Excellence Scholarships was an item brought up during the Feb. 10 Faculty Senate meeting by Andrew McNitt.

The idea of the scholarship programs is to provide 20 to 50 new, renewable scholarships. The EIU Community Commitment to Excellence Scholarships is similar to the current scholarship program, titled the Challenge to Excellence Award. Both programs would receive money from appropriated funds. The scholarship would allow $2,000 for each student awarded.

David Emmerich, the chair of CUPB, said the technology review was an item brought up during the March CUPB meeting.

“At that meeting, Dr. Perry provided CUPB with a third part review that was done per the request of CUPB from program analysis last year,” Emmerich said. “In the March meeting, the results of the review were handed out and Dr. Perry asked CUPB to review it and provide a response by the May meeting.”

Emmerich also said during Friday’s meeting, the CUPB members will discuss a draft of their response to the technology review.

No new business will be discussed during the meeting, after which the council members will hear from the administrative and subcommittee reports.

These reports include the vice president for academic affairs, vice president for student affairs, vice president for business affairs, vice president for university advancement and President Bill Perry’s report.

The council members will also discuss the state of Illinois 2.25 percent reduction in the fiscal year 2015 funds.

The Council on University Planning and Budget will meet at 2 p.m. in the Effingham Room in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.


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