Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Zeta win pyramids competition

Weeks of hard work and preparation culminated in one day in Greek Week’s annual Pyramids event, which consisted of the sororities and fraternities competing to see who could make a human pyramid the fastest.

In first place for the sororities was Delta Zeta, followed by Sigma Kappa in second, with Alpha Phi in third.

Coming in first place for the sororities was Lambda Chi. Sigma Pi earned second, and Pi Kappa Alpha came in third place.

Delta Zeta had previously won Pyramids for the last five years in a row.

Jenny Diehl, senior corporate communications major, said they achieved this because of the way they practice.

“We always have a very special way,” she said. “We’re lucky to have people returning every year. We always stay very strong, sturdy.”

Tracy Flaharen, a junior elementary education major, said the Delta Zetas were coached by Lambda Chi, who also won their division of Pyramids.

“They helped a lot,” she said.

Even with all their previous success with Pyramids, many of the Delta Zetas were excited and could be seen cheering and hugging their teammates when the results were announced.

Diehl said she was still nervous for Pyramids as well.

“There are a lot of good competitors,” she said. “I hope to win next year.”

Christina Kwartnik, a freshman kinesiology major in Sigma Kappa, was nervous as well as it was her first Pyramids competition.

“I was so nervous,” she said. “My heart was beating super fast. But it was good to compete also. I haven’t competed in anything for a long time.”

To get a chance to participate in Pyramids, girls in Sigma Kappa talked to their coaches.

“I did it because I wanted to participate in Greek Week,” Kwartnik said.

Heather Brand, a sophomore special education major and also a Sigma Kappa, said they did better than she expected when they came in second.

“I’m really happy we came in second place,” she said.

Many teams had been practicing for a while in order to maintain the balance and speed needed to compete.

Mackenzie Miller, a sophomore economics major in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, said they ran the pyramids as many different ways as they could to prepare.

“Last year, we did all right, but we didn’t make it to the finals, so that’s definitely our goal this year,” Miller said.

They had been practicing on and off for the entire Greek Week season.

“This is the best possible team,” he said. “I am confident we can perform well.”

Alexis Opel, a junior sociology major, said Kappa Delta practiced at least once a week for a month.

“I feel a lot more prepared, so I am positive,” she said.

Many of the races to get in and out of the pyramid were very close, with some teams running past the finish line within seconds of each other.

One team had some trouble making the pyramid, with some members stumbling and falling off the pyramid, but they still persevered.

Even though his team did not win, Anthony Rodriguez a sophomore communications major from Sigma Nu, said he still had a good experience,

“We won both heats, but didn’t make it to finals,” he said. “I thought it was fun. I was down to go help the house out, and stepped up.”

Some members of the sororities and fraternities chose to support their teammates by cheering them on at the competition instead of competing

Emilie Vrabel, a freshman, came to support her sisters in Alpha Phi.

“We did good,” she said. “But not matter what, I’m still proud. It was fun to watch.”


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