Student Senate approves budget decreases

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Student Senate approved the four revised budgets from Apportionment Board, Campus Recreation, University Board, and the Student Government Association on Wednesday.

Representatives from the four boards presented the revised budgets to the senate before bringing them to Dan Nadler, the vice president for student affairs, for final approval.

The Apportionment Board met a few weeks ago to discuss the total number of appropriated funds allotted to the four boards. The total amount to be divided among the four boards was $445,000.

After the Apportionment Board meeting, the newly revised budgets were that the Apportionment Board received $39,379; Campus Recreation received $185,485; University Board received $179,436; and Student Government Association received $38,200.

Sarah Daugherty, the assistant director of facilities, discussed what the cuts mean for the recreation center.

Originally, the budget for the recreation center included a $7,000 maintenance fee, $54,000 paid to the graduate assistants, and $150,000 for student payroll.

In the revised budget, the board decided to cut the maintenance fee, and reduced the amount for student payroll to $131,485, a decrease of $18,515; however, the graduate student fees remained the same.

Daugherty said the only reason the graduate assistants were not cut is because she and Kevin Linker, assistant director of intramurals, are the only professional staff working at the recreation center.

“The graduate assistants are depended on very heavily,” Daugherty said.

Besides the cuts to the budget, the recreation center will also be reducing the amount of hours they are open by 12 hours a week.

Tylen Elliot, the chair of University Board, presented what the University Board came up for its revised budget. The cuts in the budget included $10,000 from movies, $3,000 from marketing, $2,364 from special events, and other cuts as well.

“With this upcoming school year because of budget cuts, instead of doing a movie every week, we will be down to doing a movie a month,” Elliot said. “At other universities, (they) really branch out, and they’ll have speakers like Bill Cosby or somebody, and their concerts are really big. That’s not something that we can afford to do because of our shrinking budget.”

Reginald Thedford, the student body president, presented the revised student government budget.

“We requested $42,035, which was a decrease of $1,700 from what the allocated last year,” Thedford said. “(Apportionment Board) allocated $38,200, so that was a total decrease of $5,835.”

The cuts included $1,000 from professional services, $2,000 from wearing apparel, and $900 from other commodities.

The Apportionment Board budget was the same throughout at $39,379. The senate approved all four budgets, which will now go to Nadler for final approval.

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