Column: modern serial killers: all the rage, sexy

Cayla Maurer, Verge Editor

I have a problem I need to address.

I just can’t stop watching.

Serial killers. Everyone knows a famous serial killer, even if they don’t want to.

The Zodiac Killer. The B.T.K. Killer. Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer mentioned in Katy Perry’s pop hit, Dark Horse. Ted Bundy. John Wayne Gacy.

All of these killers have inspired multiple films, TV shows, documentaries and discussions about their actions and how their actions have affected people and society.

In the past 10 years there have TV shows like “Dexter,” “The Following” and “Hannibal” telling the story of murders and how they (usually) get away with it.

Movies like “Zodiac,” “The Frozen Ground” and “Monster” are all based on real-life events.

In the past three years, there have been more and more shows and films to hit the screen.

America’s obsession with murders has hit an all-time high. These characters are our latest obsession, and for good reason.

Hannibal Lecter (“Hannibal,” NBC)

Submitted Photo Mads Mikkelsen plays Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a psychotic serial killer and cannibal.
Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a renowned psychiatrist who plays butcher at night.

His charismatic charm and domineering personality lead people to gravitate toward him as he seems like the perfect gentleman.

Lecter has a taste for the finer things in life such as wine, cars and people.

His cannibalistic ways lead him to kill even if he happens to like his victims.

His appetite for human organs is unsettling, but after seeing his table spreads at dinner parties one might not mind if the so called cow brain is actually human.

Joe Carroll (The Following, FOX)

Joe Carroll
Joe Carroll

Ex-professor Joe Carroll started off as a serial killer at a college in Virginia, escaped prison to take over a cult and ultimately ends up in the hands of arch nemesis, Ryan Hardy. Carroll oozes confidence, quiet charisma and a subtle confidence about everything that makes you want to be BFF’s with the man.

Yes, he is scary.

Yes, he could murder someone without batting an eyelash.

Yes, he would probably kill you.

But he is so nonchalant and sexy with his accent that you might not even mind as long as he’s talking while he does it.

Blaine DeBeers (iZombie, CW)

Blaine DeBeers
Blaine DeBeers

Blaine DeBeers, zombie, doesn’t fit the “serial killer” mold that most people think of, but he is a new breed of killer.

He was turned into a zombie after a night of doing drugs on a boat and now turns other people into zombies for what may be his own zombie army (there are only three episodes so we can’t be too sure).

What we do know about DeBeers is that he is a little shady, but apparently trying to be a better zombie.

We want to root for him.

We want him to be good.

We want him to stop turning people into zombies, but we know this will end horribly and we are a little giddy about that thought.

Cayla Maurer is a senior journalism major.

She can be reached 581-2812 or [email protected].